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What is Supplemental Insurance?

This insurance provides benefits in addition to another active policy that covers health care. Such an insurance essentially pays for an outstanding balance that is due at the time of visits to physicians’ offices and other types of medical facilities. Individuals who are likely to visit doctors on a monthly basis can benefit greatly from buying some sort of insurance that comes with supplemental coverage for physical and mental health care.

Who it is For

This insurance appeals to people who are receive medical service frequently. For example, individuals who have chronic diseases that require routine treatments can benefit greatly from this type of insurance. A large percentage of policy holders consists of senior citizens who have various conditions that must be diagnosed and treated on an ongoing basis.

How it Works

When a person receives some sort of health care service, he or she usually has to take care of a co-payment. In order to avoid such a fee, an insurance with supplemental coverage can be applied. Such an insurance can fully cover basic and comprehensive medical treatment as well as products such as medication and mobility aids. In many cases, a policy holder can visit a health care provider within any network.

Different Types of Coverage in Existence

Supplemental coverage is valid on visits to primary care physicians and specialists. Such an insurance can also cover various diagnostic procedures such as MRI, CAT and ultrasound scans. An insurance with supplemental coverage can also be used to pay for prescription drugs including brand-name types. It’s even possible to apply such an insurance to pay for wheelchairs, walkers and other medical equipment.

Major Benefits

Having supplemental insurance greatly reduces the out-of-pocket expenses for health care services and medical products. This insurance essentially eliminates some hefty co-payments that are due at doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms. People who have this insurance could also buy brand-name prescription drugs instead of just generic types. An insurance with a supplemental clause can also be used to pay for major surgeries that are partially covered by another form of insurance.