By abraham | December 24, 2018

Owner of YES Industrial Supply, 30 y/o

I am partial owner/operator of an Industrial Retail store servicing the RAPIDLY growing Marcellus Shale business in our area recently. Being the stereotypical “American dream small business” it is challenging enough to keep up with all of this let alone deal with something like insurance being a hassle.

In our third year of business we decided to shop around and see what was out there insurance-wise.

Within 5 days, after dealing with Graham Insurance, Patti Prettiman saved us nearly $100 off of our prior premium. The nice thing was that I barely had to do anything! Patti was so knowledgeable and understanding of our situation, we had insurance setup in less than a week AND saved money!

I highly suggest this insurance group, Patti P. especially, was an amazing breath of fresh air for a hungry business looking to thrive for years. Thanks!