By Jim Graham | May 8, 2019

Does my Homeowners Insurance cover my Water Heater? Jeannette PA

Jim Graham: Good morning I’m Jim Graham from Graham Insurance Group and today I’m answering your question, does my homeowners cover my water heater. The actual water heater itself, if it were to go out, is not covered. That’s a maintenance issue, however if it were to blow and cause damage to the basement or whatever part of the house it was in– that typically would be covered up to the limits and including however your deductible is, so if there’s not a whole lot of damage it’s probably not worth turning in because you probably won’t meet your deductible. But, if it’s significant damage and say you’re away from home or something and significant damage were to occur before you were able to find it and get the water shut off, yes–that typically is covered. But the water heater itself and the replacement of the water heater is not covered. Thanks, good bye.