By Jim Graham | May 15, 2019

Do I need business insurance for my car or truck?

Jim Graham: Hi, this is Jim Graham from Graham Insurance Group, answering another one of your frequently asked questions. This one is, do I need business insurance for my car or truck? Bear in mind that every personal automobile policy all has the same exclusion. We will not cover your vehicle if you’re using your vehicle in the act of doing business. So ask yourself this, first of all, if you’re a contractor and you have a truck, absolutely, you need business insurance for your truck. There are so many coverages that cannot be picked up or claims that will be denied for using your truck in business. Secondly, if you have a regular automobile, ask yourself this question, when you drive to work in the morning, does the car sit there essentially all day long while you’re at work until it’s time to drive home? Or during the act of doing your job, whether you own the business or not, does the car get moved and do you drive different places with your car?
If you do, you need business insurance. You are using your car in the act of business or at least an endorsement on there letting your insurance company know that from time to time your car is driven on business. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to give us a call. Thanks.