By Jim Graham | April 29, 2019

Am I covered by my Auto Insurance policy if a deer runs in front of my car? Jeannette PA

Jim Graham: Good morning. I’m Jim Graham from Graham Insurance Group and today I’m answering your question about deer strikes on your automobile. This is a really good question and very complicated, and most people don’t understand the importance of differences involved here.
First of all, your deer strikes are covered IF you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle–not just insurance on the other person, so comprehensive coverage. So, if you strike the deer, yes, your car will be repaired under comprehensive. That typically is a lower deductible and does not count against you as an accident. If a deer runs out in the road in front of you, don’t swerve to miss the deer. If you swerve to miss the deer and hit a tree or a guardrail, or something like that, that will be a collision deductible which is higher. It will count against you as an accident. But if you just brake hard and try and miss the deer that way, and accidentally hit it, your car will still be repaired and it will not hurt you as badly as if you swerve and try and miss it and hit something else instead.
Thanks. Bye.